Students and Post-docs

Maria Chadid Hernandez, PhD Candidate,
University of Northern British Columbia

Having a landscape ecology background from Colombia and multiple fieldwork experiences, I am interested in forest management and its implications on forest Carbon dynamics and Greenhouse gas emissions. I am also interested in interdisciplinary research that supports decision-making on the achievement of national and international conservation targets, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Dr. Flora Krivak-Tetley, Post-doc,
University of British Columbia

My research focuses on partial harvesting in British Columbia’s interior cedar hemlock (ICH) forests. I am working to integrate the stand-level model SORTIE-ND with landscape-level modelling using LANDIS-II’s ForCS extension to compare carbon storage outcomes of different management approaches. I teach FRST 231: Introduction to Biometrics.

I have diverse research interests that include forest stand dynamics and carbon storage, invasive species, insect pest population dynamics, conservation biology, social-ecological systems, and sustainable agriculture and forestry. For my PhD (Dartmouth College, with advisor Matthew Ayres), I led a comparative study on the impacts and population dynamics of the invasive woodwasp Sirex noctilio across its native and invaded range (Spain, South Africa, Argentina, USA). I completed my MS with John Battles at UC Berkeley, where my research worked to identify early impacts of climate change, including decreasing growth rates and increasing mortality, in old growth Sierra Nevada forests.